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   The Nursery and Available Puppy Information

April 2014: 

 We do not currently have any available puppies.  Our next planned litter will be late spring 2015.

Thank you.

Some previous Melraine puppies (most have gone to their new homes...)


Melraine's Supreme Justice (Hughie) is now living with his new family and especially his new girl Kiana (I hear he really enjoys baseball games!!).


Melraine's Hide Your Heart (Eli)is living with his new family on the Kitsap peninsula.  I believe he is busy chasing around with his children, plus playing with his new Chi friend.


      Melraine's Augustus Finknottle     Melraine's Tesla Rose (Augie)                                           (Tess)

Augie & Tess (his niece) live in Illinois with their family



               Melraine's Joule L'boule


       Simon, Whoopee, Willie

Whoopee lives in Hawaii and Willie lives here

Mr. Gus lives in Seattle with his family and his new Boston Terrier friend


Frodo lives with his family in Pierce County training to do agility (maybe...)  UPDATE on Frodo - he now has his CGC title!  Way to go Frodo.



Melraine's Taz Mania                  

Taz has a Bullmastiff buddy at home...



Melraine's Mr. Edison

Eddie lives with his own 2 children!



    Henri, Belle, Augie             




Puppies occasionally available.  All our puppies are fully vaccinated, health checked, guaranteed and registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES.

Please contact us for information or referrals.


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